Have you ever visited a magnificent Macau casino?

The PGSLOT camp will transport everyone to the famed casinos of Macau with a review of the Dreams of Macau slot game, which incorporates the ambience, music, and symbols of Macau casinos into online slots games. A game that is quite similar to Macau, but you don’t have to fly there and waste your time playing it. It’s like visiting a casino in Macau.

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This Dreams of Macau slot game is a 6-reel, 5-row video slot with an additional row that provides one more symbol position on reels 2-5 and a free fall mechanism. Any new symbols will immediately replace the initial symbols that have previously been issued. Consequently, it is possible to collect prizes continually by placing wagers and hitting spin only once. It features paylines ranging from 2,025 to 32,400, making it one of the most lucrative slot games ever offered by PGSLOT.

The primary emblem for Dreams of Macau. Try it without cost.

In the slot machine game Dreams of Macau, there are a total of 11 variants of the main reward symbol. The payoff percentage for each symbol will have a number in descending order, as seen below:

girl symbol The maximum payout rate is eighty times.

There is a maximum payout of seventy times for the sports car icon.

luxury watch emblem The maximum payout rate is sixty times.

money bag symbol There is a 30-time maximum payout rate.

Sign for wagering chips There is a 15-time maximum payout rate.

dice symbol There is a 15-time maximum payout rate.

The greatest payout rate for the letter A is 10 times.

The letter K has a maximum payout of ten times its value.

The letter Q has a maximum payout of four times its value.

The letter J has a maximum payout rate of four times.

The number 10 symbol can pay out a maximum of four times.

Additional unique symbols for the slot game Dreams of Macau

After being familiar with all of the common reward symbols in Dreams of Macau. This game also has two unique symbols that facilitate play, including symbols that boost the amount won. so increasing your odds of winning rewards.

Wild symbol

The Dreams of Macau Wild Symbol is a slot machine with the word “WILD” on it. This icon signifies a victory of the game’s jackpot. This relates to the unique characteristics of the Wild Symbol, which may replace for any standard game reward symbols. Wild Symbols can replace for any other symbol on a payline, regardless of the other symbols’ types. Wild Symbols will replace any missing icons. and acquire benefits effortlessly However, it cannot replace for the Scatter Symbol by itself.

Scatter sign

This game’s scatter symbol is a blue diamond bearing the word “SCATTER.” If four Scatter Symbols appear, you will have access to a bonus feature with a total of 15 free spins, and if more than four Scatter Symbols appear, you will receive two free spins for each additional Scatter Symbol.

Special Characteristics of the Dreams of Macau DEMO Game

There are two special bonuses in the Dreams of Macau slot game, both of which increase the odds of winning in standard mode. elements that can increase your winnings. The following are specifics for each feature.

Sticky Wilds Feature on the Way

The Sticky Wilds on the Way feature extends symbols on reels 2 through 5 at random. This will occupy two to four vertical spaces on the slot table. having a silver frame If the symbol in the silver frame is the winner, the free fall mechanism will be effective. Using arbitrary new symbols to replace and transform the silver frame into gold. If these golden frames win again, the symbol they contain will transform into a big Wild symbol, making your next win easier.

Free Spins Bonus Feature

When four or more scatter symbols appear, the Dreams of Macau slot game’s free spins extra feature is launched. 1 times each, and if any eye earns a reward, the multiplier is increased by 1x each time until the free spins bonus feature is activated.

Consequently: PNG Review of the Slot Game Dreams of Macau SLOT

The Dreams of Macau slot game review is an online slot game that transports you to Macau’s casinos so you may experience the opulent playing atmosphere for yourself. Each spin button click is realistic, as though playing in a genuine casino. The lights, colors, noises, and background music will make the player want to travel to Macau since SLOT PG has included Raise, a popular casino, into this slot game. In addition, there are other additional prizes, Free Spins may be redeemed up to 15 times, and there are still up to 32,400 betting lines, making the bonus extremely simple to break.

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